Month: January 2018

Super Bock Group, Making Of

Garage Films’ director Rogério Serrasqueiro, takes us on an exciting open sea adventure with Unicer’s new film presenting the Super Bock Group. It’s a powerful movie promoting the launch of the new corporative brand. We developed the Compositing and CGI. Join us in this almost three minute making-of that shows us a little bit of our team work and commitment. Enjoy it!

Prado Verde – Making Of

Bia is Prado Verde’s new mascot and she’s a charm. We raise the curtains and give you a preview of what lead our team to work on this character full of personality. After several weeks we were able to develop Compositing, CGI  and Audio, along side with our 3D team who worked on the animation and modelling. Signed by Ernesto Bacalhau from Garage Films, we hope you enjoy it!

Água das Pedras – Vertical – Making Of

We begin our year with a making-of of Água das Pedras – Vertical, a campaign totally produced in Portugal that makes us travel to the heart of our country. Under direction of Frederico Miranda from Quioto, we get to take a sneak peak behind the scenes of this campaign.

Our team developed the Compositing, 3D and matte painting. Colorist Mario Gaspar was in charge of all the color correction and image processing. This two minute video that shows us all the hard work to accomplish a perfect result. Mission fulfilled!