Sites Archive

  • Ingreme V1

    It all started in 2003, when Ingreme’s 3D team members designed a mascot in their (scarse) spare time.

    At the time, Flash was an innovative tool, which highlighted the use of 2D and 3D animation in order to enhance contents where usually there was only static information with little interactivity. So, this same team designed a site with the main purpose of creating something innovative while showcasing the content produced by the company in an original and unique way. And thus the site was born, having “Lumo“, Ingreme’s mascot, as its cicerone.

    The site was a success with more than one million views and received the award for best 3D site in the world in the prestigious Flash Forward conference in San Francisco (2004). Microsoft, Coca Cola and Ingreme were the finalist sites in this category.

  • Ingreme V2

    Years later, Ingreme took off on a new adventure, also limited to the our spare time. An adventure where creativity, team spirit, organization, method and a set of different techniques were explored to their fullest. Those combined efforts resulted in 11,000 frames of interactive animation (a short film, almost!). In the same line of structural simplicity, the site presents us “Lumo” aged by time. After all, he spent years in that position waiting for user interactivity! The surprise takes place when you “click” on Lumo and a prehistoric neanderthal suddenly appears, stealing our well-known mascot’s role and spotlight. From this moment on, a fierce battle between modern technology versus the brutish prehistoric era takes place. It should be noted that the site always presents itself differently, as the winner of each battle is randomly chosen, altering each user’s experience. Each section has a set of secondary animations that also occur randomly between intervals.

  • Neander Olympics

    Taking advantage of the fact that the team had already created a set of 3D objects and keeping the same goal in mind – experimenting with new technologies in order to evolve in several areas – Ingreme created a really fun game with some reminiscences of the ZX Spectrum games!

    Again, humor is present throughout the game, which definitely facilitates the creative and technical creation process. Do you want to play?!