Super Bock Group, Making Of

Garage Films’ director Rogério Serrasqueiro, takes us on an exciting open sea adventure with Unicer’s new film presenting the Super Bock Group. It’s a powerful movie promoting the launch of the new corporative brand. We developed the Compositing and CGI. Join us in this almost three minute making-of that shows us a little bit of our team work and commitment. Enjoy it!

Prado Verde – Making Of

Bia is Prado Verde’s new mascot and she’s a charm. We raise the curtains and give you a preview of what lead our team to work on this character full of personality. After several weeks we were able to develop Compositing, CGI  and Audio, along side with our 3D team who worked on the animation and modelling. Signed by Ernesto Bacalhau from Garage Films, we hope you enjoy it!

Água das Pedras – Vertical – Making Of

We begin our year with a making-of of Água das Pedras – Vertical, a campaign totally produced in Portugal that makes us travel to the heart of our country. Under direction of Frederico Miranda from Quioto, we get to take a sneak peak behind the scenes of this campaign.

Our team developed the Compositing, 3D and matte painting. Colorist Mario Gaspar was in charge of all the color correction and image processing. This two minute video that shows us all the hard work to accomplish a perfect result. Mission fulfilled!

Via Verde – Colibri, Making-Of

Here is the Making-Of our 2015 campaign of the year: Via Verde – Colibri. A project that marks the “rebranding” and a new positioning in the market of the brand, which elected the hummingbird as the main figure and also as it`s new Logo. A film with about two minutes of constant integration of animation with real footage, in which, the modeling of a hummingbird with specific characteristics and the creation of a 3D feathers system with dynamics, realistic, with specific requirements for each plan, were the main challenges for our post-production team. There was also the need to develop an advanced system of particles, with several morphs, to enable the transformation of the Hummingbird into the final Logo. About forty CG plans makes Via Verde – Colibri a complex film, that demanded full commitment of our team to achieve the desired result. We hope you all enjoy it!

Staples – Throught The Years – Making Of

Another making of where we show a little behind the scenes of our second film Staples. Again, with a strong focus on 3D animation and development of one of the main characters in a cartoon language, where we raised the level of complexity! In this film , we follow the growth of small Sara over the years in several key moments of her life. A fully 3D film with different scenarios and characters, which involved our whole team for several weeks until we reach the desired end result. We hope you enjoy it!

Ingreme Social Causes Reel

Ingreme, as a socially commited company, has been embracing many causes, contributing in their area of expertise, post-production. APAV, AMI, SOS Racism, International Amnesty, among many others NGOs could count with our team full attention, which engages and collaborates in the awareness campaigns launched to the general public. As a company, as citizens, as humans we feel we have social responsibility. To fulfill this role is extremely important and decisive for a healthier and more balanced society. This Reel, in close partnership with Agencies and Production companies, is our modest but proud contribution!

U2, Vhils – Raised By Wolves

Alexandre Farto, Vhils, was the Portuguese artist invited by the Irish band U2, to join the group of 11 of the world`s most celebrated urban artists, to take part on the bands project entitled Films of Innocence.
Films of Innocence is a visual project under the supervision of director Jefferson Hack, where it was given complete creative freedom to artists to develop one of the tracks of the latest album of the band, Songs Of Innocence.
11 tracks, 11 artists, 11 video clips.
Vhils, created all the visual language for the Raised by Wolves
song, also participating in the cover design of Films Of Innocence.
Totally produced in Portugal, filmed in Lisnave, Cacilhas, the video clip Raised By Wolves is seen by the artist as another piece of his brilliant work and career, recognized worldwide.
This film, which links Portugal and the recognition of Portuguese talent to one of the most iconic bands of all history, proudly crossed Ingreme that, by hand of the colorist Andreia Bertini, was in charge for all the color correction and image processing.

Clube Criativos de Portugal Festival 2015

Clube de Criativos de Portugal, 2015
At the seventeenth CCP festival, Ingreme wins four awards with its post-production work. NOS – Launch and Staples – Back to School collect best post-production video and best animated film. Ingreme was indirectly awarded in the category for best special effects with Mitsubishi ASX film, all done in 3D, produced by Garage under the direction of Rogério Serrasqueiro.
Finally, Ingreme was considered the best post-production house in Portugal, 2015.
Receiving this recognition in the most prestigious festival of creativity in Portugal is to Ingreme source of great satisfaction, pride and professional achievement.
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, as well as to the entire organization of the CCP for another year of the best that is done in creativity/advertising in Portugal.

Here are the links to the awarded films,
Staples – Back to School:
NOS – Lauch:
Mitsubushi – ASX:

CTBC – Making Of

CTBC, Chinatrust Finantial Holding Co., Ltd., was a film that from a technical point a view represented a big challenge for our team. Given the technical difficulties of filming in storm environment, the use of 3D was indeed the most viable solution for carrying out various aspects of this campaign. So it began the process of reproducing the original boat on a 3D model as well as an entire scenario with specific characteristics requested by the customer. The 3D was also used in various objects and environments throughout the film. For the viewer, this post-production work is completely imperceptible, giving the impression that the whole movie is made of real footage. This was undoubtedly the main goal of this project, which given the final result, it seems to us completely achieved.

Original Movie – CTBC Pesca

MEO – Sofá – Making Of

A nonchalant look on MEO – Sofa film passes unnoticed its true complexity. In this Making Of, we show the different shooting phases for composition to reach the final result. Sometimes movies seemingly simple, are actually the most complex! This is the case! Under the supervision of Director Ernesto Bacalhau, MEO – Sofa, was another project that challenged Ingreme team in different fields of compositing.

Original Movie – Meo – Sofá