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Clube Criativos de Portugal Festival 2015

Clube de Criativos de Portugal, 2015
At the seventeenth CCP festival, Ingreme wins four awards with its post-production work. NOS – Launch and Staples – Back to School collect best post-production video and best animated film. Ingreme was indirectly awarded in the category for best special effects with Mitsubishi ASX film, all done in 3D, produced by Garage under the direction of Rogério Serrasqueiro.
Finally, Ingreme was considered the best post-production house in Portugal, 2015.
Receiving this recognition in the most prestigious festival of creativity in Portugal is to Ingreme source of great satisfaction, pride and professional achievement.
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, as well as to the entire organization of the CCP for another year of the best that is done in creativity/advertising in Portugal.

Here are the links to the awarded films,
Staples – Back to School:
NOS – Lauch:
Mitsubushi – ASX: