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Super Bock Group, Making Of

Garage Films’ director Rogério Serrasqueiro, takes us on an exciting open sea adventure with Unicer’s new film presenting the Super Bock Group. It’s a powerful movie promoting the launch of the new corporative brand. We developed the Compositing and CGI. Join us in this almost three minute making-of that shows us a little bit of our team work and commitment. Enjoy it!

Via Verde – Colibri, Making-Of

Here is the Making-Of our 2015 campaign of the year: Via Verde – Colibri. A project that marks the “rebranding” and a new positioning in the market of the brand, which elected the hummingbird as the main figure and also as it`s new Logo. A film with about two minutes of constant integration of animation with real footage, in which, the modeling of a hummingbird with specific characteristics and the creation of a 3D feathers system with dynamics, realistic, with specific requirements for each plan, were the main challenges for our post-production team. There was also the need to develop an advanced system of particles, with several morphs, to enable the transformation of the Hummingbird into the final Logo. About forty CG plans makes Via Verde – Colibri a complex film, that demanded full commitment of our team to achieve the desired result. We hope you all enjoy it!