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Staples – Throught The Years – Making Of

Another making of where we show a little behind the scenes of our second film Staples. Again, with a strong focus on 3D animation and development of one of the main characters in a cartoon language, where we raised the level of complexity! In this film , we follow the growth of small Sara over the years in several key moments of her life. A fully 3D film with different scenarios and characters, which involved our whole team for several weeks until we reach the desired end result. We hope you enjoy it!

CTBC – Making Of

CTBC, Chinatrust Finantial Holding Co., Ltd., was a film that from a technical point a view represented a big challenge for our team. Given the technical difficulties of filming in storm environment, the use of 3D was indeed the most viable solution for carrying out various aspects of this campaign. So it began the process of reproducing the original boat on a 3D model as well as an entire scenario with specific characteristics requested by the customer. The 3D was also used in various objects and environments throughout the film. For the viewer, this post-production work is completely imperceptible, giving the impression that the whole movie is made of real footage. This was undoubtedly the main goal of this project, which given the final result, it seems to us completely achieved.

Original Movie – CTBC Pesca

MEO – Sofá – Making Of

A nonchalant look on MEO – Sofa film passes unnoticed its true complexity. In this Making Of, we show the different shooting phases for composition to reach the final result. Sometimes movies seemingly simple, are actually the most complex! This is the case! Under the supervision of Director Ernesto Bacalhau, MEO – Sofa, was another project that challenged Ingreme team in different fields of compositing.

Original Movie – Meo – Sofá

Água das Pedras – Deserto – Making of

Água das Pedras – Desert was one of the most ambitious campaigns  in which Ingreme was involved. Partially filmed in Morocco, it was now time to bring the desert all over the streets of Lisbon. A highly complex challenge, a true test to the creativity of Ingreme team! Making a city appear in an arid desert landscape, which ends up fading to non-existence, involved the creation, manipulation and control of 4 terabytes of information (particle systems) with a mind of their own in a short period of time!

Água das Pedras – Desert, under the supervision of Director João Nuno Pinto, was awarded by Luso Awards 2014 with gold for its  Audiovisual Technique, fact that fills us with satisfaction, pride and sense of accomplishment.

Original Movie – Água das Pedras – Deserto

Nissan Breakdown

Ingreme team was in Los Angeles to follow the production of Nissan Crossover movie for the spanish production company Garage Films, directed by Albert Uría. Here is a short video where you can see some details of the shooting, and some stages of post-production of the film. It is always good to participate in projects of this level!

Original movie: Nissan Crossover